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Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Do you struggle getting started?

Are you ready to change this?

My name is Romana and I support authors getting started with their book through my writing programs.

With the 8 books I have written and 3 that are on their way, I have discovered a system that allows you to overcome the overwhelm of getting started.

Let me help you to start your writing process powerful and passionate! Lets do this together!

Let me show you…

  • How to start with your first pages
  • How to integrate writing in your daily life
  • How to publish your books
  • How to get your book on the shelves at your local library
  • How to carry on writing and create your dream life

“This course made starting my book easy. Romana broke the seemingly overwhelming task into small tasks that are simple to accomplish. Making progress daily gave me momentum. I highly recommend working with Romana! She makes it fun!”

Emily Harman

“Thankyou so much for this great workshop! After all I now started my first book project which has been in my mind for such a long time! In this workshop I got so many tipps which helped me getting started and carry on. I am looking forward joining the next workshop!”

Andreas Graf

“This workshop really is a lot of fun and helped me getting started with my first book project. The small homeworks are good to stay on track and I could easily do themwithin my daily duties. I am looking forward to the next part!”

Cordula Radoczai

“Romana was such a fun guest! She has great energy and a great story with so many adventures. I loved having her on my show and so happy to have connected with her!”

Ariel Vaughan Bredder

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